Jupiter structural layer cake


i don;t even know why i stay up late all i do is find new ways to hate myself

Aug. 27 1:35 pm



New Horizons Flies By Neptune Exactly 25 Years After Voyager 2

In what NASA is calling a “cosmic coincidence” the New Horizons probe makes its flyby of Neptune on the 25th anniversary of Voyager 2’s Neptune encounter. On August 25, 1989, Voyager 2 made its closest flyby of Neptune, making it the first spacecraft to study the planet. During Voyager 2’s flyby, it discovered a massive anticyclonic storm system called the Great Dark Spot, similar to Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

Today, NASA’s New Horizons probe is embarking on an equally exciting journey to another world never before visited by a spacecraft. When the spacecraft arrives on July 14, 2015, it will provide the first detailed images of Pluto. The dwarf planet is so distant from us that even images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope appear blurry.

Read more about the New Horizons mission and Voyager 2’s flyby of Neptune here: http://www.nasa.gov/press/2014/august/nasa-s-new-horizons-spacecraft-crosses-neptune-orbit-en-route-to-historic-pluto/index.htm


the notebook problem: you see a notebook. you want to buy the notebook. but you know you have like TEN OTHER NOTEBOOKS. most which are STILL EMPTY. you don’t need to notebook. you’re probably not gonna use the notebook anyway. what’s the point? DONT BUY THE NOTEBOOK. you buy the notebook.


NO artificial flavors

NO preservatives

NO artificial colors

JUST bees

ONLY bees


  • something amusing happens: oh my god
  • something funny happens: oh my god
  • something annoying happens: oh my god
  • something sad happens: oh my god
  • something happens and i dont really care about it but act like i do: oh my god


please do yourself a favor and date the biggest fckn nerd u can get ur hands on




do you ever get cuddle frustrated? Not sexually frustrated, but just get really frustrated and asdfghklg because you’re not cuddling someone right now and you just really need to feel someone with their arms around you and bury your face in their neck and just feel them close


It’s a Nuzzle Puzzle, guys. Stressed for a caress.

  • east coasters: i drove through 17 states on the way to work
  • west coasters: i have been traveling in this desert for 49 years. generations have died. children have been born. when will i make it to the promised land
  • Midwesterners: I haven't left a 20 mile radius in 2 years